526HS High Security Check


Features And Benefits

Backer Warning BoxThe box on the check backer has an extensive list of security features, advising the recipient how to validate these features.
Chemically Reactive PaperThis treated paper reacts with an extended range of chemicals to show signs of attempted alteration.
Chemical Wash Detection BoxA white area on the check backer designed to show evidence of chemical tampering.
Colored PantographA color background.
Foil HologramThree dimensional effect of the hologram is very difficult to copy. The hologram design includes three security features; multicolor, high resolution and kinetic effect.
Fugitive InkA chemical sensitive ink is used on the backer.
High Resolution Intricate BorderThe border on the face of the check distorts when copied.
Invisible Fluorescent FibersRandomly placed fibers in the paper cannot be photocopied and are visible only under black light.
MicroprintingWords printed so small they look like a line. Visible when magnified, if the document is copied the line becomes unreadable.
Padlock IconThe padlock icon on front and back indicates that the check meets standard security guidelines.
Prismatic BackgroundA multicolor background.
Security Screen BackerThe words "Original Document" will fade or distort if the check is copied.
Security Weave BackerAn intricate design that deters fraud.
Thermochromic Heat Sensitive IconA heat sensitive icon that disappears when warmed by touch or breath.
Toner AdhesionA coating is applied to the paper that anchors the toner to the paper making removal difficult without damaging the paper.
True WatermarkA distinctive pattern embedded in the paper.
UV Dull PaperThis reduces brighteners in the paper lowering its reflective qualities.
Visible FibersRandomly placed fibers of various lengths and color embedded in the paper.
Void IndicationAn area on the backer that has the word "VOID" hidden in it. When photocopied the word "VOID" appears on the copy.
Warning BandThe warning band on the check face calls out specific security features to help quickly verify authenticity.